The Belize Institute of Environmental Law and Policy (BELPO) was incorporated in 1995 by professionals in the fields of law, education, science, natural resource management, and grassroots organizing to address serious and growing environmental problems, to ensure better management of the environment and natural resources, and to safeguard public health now and for future generations.


BELPO is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO).


BELPO seeks to fulfill the following objectives:

* Promote understanding of the importance of sound environmental practices and their relationship to Belizean laws.

* Gather and document environmental legislation, regulations, policies, articles, books and laws for use by the public.

* Study and evaluate existing and proposed environmental legislation, regulations, policies, and other reports to identify shortcomings and recommend improvements.

* Assist communities to use legal tools to protect Belize's natural heritage by promoting good planning for truly sustainable development.

* Study and identify the adverse effects of proposed developments, and share conclusions.

* Use judicial means to pressure public authorities and government agencies to carry out statutory duties relating to environmental protection and preservation.

* Collaborate with NGOs, the legal community, and national and international bodies to develop sound environmental laws.

* Foster community-based resource management and ensure public participation in negotiating, drafting, ratifying, and implementing of laws, treaties, and contracts that impact the environment.

* Take action, including public interest environmental litigation, to challenge polluters and others who would despoil the environment.

* Lobby and sensitize legislators, policy makers and decision makers, about potential environmental hazards, merits of proposed legislation, policies and actions.

* Link legal professionals with others to create and carry out programs that contribute to the development of sound environmental law and policy making in Belize.